Catching Up On Beer Blogging!

Hello world! My November has been full of interesting. My NaNoWriMo effort failed after about 12,000 words when my main character, despite my best efforts, decided that the difficult event that starts the book is eerily similar to my last major breakup. And I found that I wasn’t having fun going through that again on her behalf, so that was that.

But there’s been plenty going on with beer. Scary Monsters II: George Lucas Had No Part In This is conditioning in bottles right now. It turned out extremely light bodied with a nice, full hop flavor. I may even want to fortify the body a bit in future renditions of the recipe. Lactose? A bit more dark or chocolate malts? Something.

Hop’s End is a ridiculously beautiful carboy of beer that throws a nice ruby-amber light into my living room every morning. I don’t even want to bottle that. Can I decorate with beer?

There’s more. I’ll be back to adding content on the regular like. I’m currently experimenting with outdoor cold crashing for my pear wine. More on that in a few.


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