Honorable Mentions

Thanks to John Cole at Balloon Juice for dropping us a mention yesterday. I’ve been reading his site for many years, and when I was first starting to brew, found the Beer Blogging (occasional) feature over there really helpful. Largely because Tim F., one of Cole’s co-bloggers and the homebrewer in the bunch, had such a smart and relaxed attitude about the process. So many of the websites and books aimed at the novice brewer make brewing sound incredibly daunting and almost certainly doomed to fail. Tim F. made it seem fun, challenging, and creative.

There’s much more available from Tim F. under the Beer Blogging category at Balloon Juice, but I think his “A Homebrewing Guide For The Perplexed” is one of the more practical documents available on the web for the newbie or would-be homebrewer.

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