Opening up the Heatwave Tutti-Frutti

One of the fun things about brewing, especially wines and meads, is that there’s a long lead time and a lot of mystery during the wait. Here’s the Heatwave Tutti-Frutti country wine we brewed on June’s brew day, when we spent twelve hours putting together various one-gallon batches of various fruit wines and meads. This was sort of the “catch all” batch at the end of the night: 2# cherries 2# strawberries 7# mango (mostly pulp from the juicer) 2# plums 2# table sugar 1# dark brown sugar 2# turbinado sugar Premier Curvee yeast Gravity went from 1.076 to 0.990. We tasted it. It made my soul sad. Hopefully it will improve with age.


Just don’t feed it after midnight.

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