Pear Beer: Minty Fresh?

This is my “pear beer,” which has been conditioning in the bottle for two or three weeks. If memory serves, this was 55# of juiced pears (see – I’m a juiced fruit pro), 4# white sugar, boiled for an hour with 1 oz of Centennial hops. Nottingham yeasts.


What a strange flavor. There’s something almost “wintermint” (fake mint flavor) to it. I don’t know if I’d peg this as a pear-based drink if I didn’t know. It’s not bad, and certainly in same flavor profile range as a number of gluten free beers I’ve had (including some I’ve brewed) – and haven’t really cared for. This works for me more because it isn’t a beer, just hopped pear juice. But the aftertaste that lingers is fruity. It pours with a nice little foamy head, which is gone in a flash, and it’s got a nice hazy character like a wit. When someone brings me a crystal clear yellow beer, I ask for lime and clamato. It’s only right. I think this is going to be just fine – a couple more weeks in the bottle should give the carbonation a little more staying power, but I think this wintermint taste is here to stay. Holla for homebrewing experiments!

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