Stone 16th Anniversary Ale


Wow, this one continues to knock my socks off. So much going on with this beer. The hops package is Amarillo and Calypso… more on that in a bit. The grain bill includes a healthy dose of rye but not enough to classify this double IPA as a Rye Ale. The adjuncts include lemon verbena and lemon oil. This is a fragrant, smooth citrus explosion with a sweet body and a 10% ABV burn. Calypso is undeniably my favorite hops. With a fruity pear and apple bouquet, it brings the unique fragrance to this beer and a smooth fruity first taste. The Amarillo seems to pair well with the slight rye bitterness and brings a bit of a grapefruit zing to balance the Calypso fruit. The finish is appropriately bitter, clearing the palate for your next sip. Served with a medium rare ribeye and grilled squash, the beer held up well but did not overpower the savory beef flavor.

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