Update on HB 314 / SB 174

Not great news on HB 314 / SB 174. Last night, March 7, was so-called “crossover day” in the Georgia legislature.

30 days into the session, any bills that haven’t passed one chamber and “crossed over” into the second are technically dead for the year.

I spoke to Rep. Karla Drenner, who says that a lot can change from here. Over the next ten days, bills will be constructed from the charred remnants of the year’s legislative agenda, and the language of HB 314 / SB 174 can still be added to another bill and become law.

Now we cross our fingers and hope. Thanks to Rep. Drenner for supporting of the initiative – she was a co-sponsor of the original bill.

Please reach out to your Georgia House and Senate members and ask them to support keeping this initiative alive. Imagine owning a business where the state mandates that you can’t sell your product to your customers, instead you have to go through state-approved middlemen regardless of your marketing plan or scale.

Get rid of mandated middlemen in Georgia. Support small business and craft brewing.
Find your representative and senator here: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/state/main/