That time of year again

If you’ve ever crunched into some fresh sauerkraut, you know that fermentation’s more than just great drinks! As our weather switches over to a decidedly autumnal feel, at least at night, I decided to bring in what’s left on my tomato plants. These are brined (2 tablespoons salt per quart of water) and seasoned with garlic and onion, as well as caraway seed, dill seed, mustard seed, and coriander.

Next to it is some okra I brined the other day with garlic and similar spices. It smells incredible. This is a fermentation by lactic acid bacteria, which occurs naturally on the skins of… everything, and which loves a salty environment. LAB are sometimes used in brewing to produce sours, but I’m a forever fan of this tangy vegetable preservation method.


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