Unemployment Insurance Belgian Tripel

This is an extract brew that I made ahead of a job loss in August 2010. It’s a huge, sweet beer that got seven or eight people hammered in May of 2011 when I brought it a friend’s college graduation. We all went to high school together, and watching our friend walk across the stage almost twenty years later – yeah, it was awesome to have something really special to contribute to such a great day.

Here’s the recipe:

9# Briess DME Pilsen

3# Briess DME Sparkling Amber

1# Belgian Candy Sugar

(13# fermentables total)


2oz Hallertau 60 min

1oz Syrian 20 min

1oz Saaz 5 min

No notes on yeast, but it was probably a dry yeast, definitely an ale yeast. My notes say that the boil time was more like 90 minutes than 60. I recall having a hard time getting the DME powders to dissolve.

I don’t think I ever put it into secondary. I think it sat in primary for about six months, then went into bottles, then went into bellies.


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