We Support Georgia HB 314 / SB 174

There are a lot of changes brewing on the legal front here in the south. Alabama is looking to legalize homebrewing once and for all, while here in Georgia, legislators may roll back one more of the state’s blue laws and allow breweries and brew pubs to sell direct to consumers for off-site consumption.

Yep, you read that right. As the law stands today, if you take a brewery tour at Terrapin, Red Brick, Monday Night, or any of Georgia’s other craft breweries, you can sample beer as part of the tour, but you can’t buy a six pack of your favorite to take home. And if you have a great meal and a great beer at a brewpub like 5 Seasons, Twain’s, or The Wrecking Bar, you can’t buy a growler of their brew to take with you and have with dinner.

It’s a ridiculous prohibition that other states don’t force their businesses to live under, and it needlessly and unfairly penalizes breweries in a way that the vineyards of North Georgia aren’t forced to endure.

This blog proudly joins the Georgia Craft Breweries Guild, John Cochran of Terrapin Beer, Twains, 5 Seasons, and the rest of Georgia’s vibrant and growing craft beer community in supporting passage of HB 314 / SB 174.

If you would like to see one more senseless law rolled back and craft brewers empowered to sell their product more widely, please contact your state House and Senate representatives to let them know you support Georgia’s small business owners and craft beer culture.

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